Mexican Kitchen & Agave Bar

Located in the heart of downtown Missoula, The Camino is dedicated to honest Mexican cooking techniques and traditions.

The Camino slips in and out of Oaxacan neighborhoods, Yucatan jungles, the highlands, deserts, hillsides, and beaches, to bring a little bit of Mexico to our home in Missoula. Returning to the ancient Aztec tradition of nixtamalization, we make our tortillas in-house by cooking land-traced varietals of heirloom corn (white olotillo, bolita belatove, blue conico) in water and alkali solution, thus allowing the human body to extract all nutrients in the grain.

In addition to working closely with Montana farms and friends, we’ve partnered up with Masienda, a purveyor who supports small-time Oaxacan farmers by importing these beautiful varietals of corn. We strive to be students and stewards of such a diverse culinary tradition and technique, and we’re pretty sure the perfect way to open the palate for tacos and antojitos is with a veladora of small batch mezcal. And, of course, a cold Pacifico or Paloma to wash it all down.

Please, sit at our table. Eat your heart out.

We're Hiring

Love tacos? Amas el mezcal? Interested in working with a team dedicated to providing as much of both as possible on a daily basis? We are now accepting resumes and cover letters for all positions.


Coming Soon

125 N. Pattee St.
Missoula, MT 59802

(Corner of Front & Pattee in downtown Missoula’s newly renovated Mercantile)

In the meantime, feel free to hit us up.

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